Parto pardis javid as a stevedoring co has been rendering its customer services in variety of fields such as

cargo handling: Parto Pardis Javid (PPJ) is a very experienced stevedoring company specializing in project cargoes, bulk cargo, fresh produce.

storage: Parto Pardis Javid is equipped temporary storages and customs warehouses with the total area of more than 4,000 sq.m. with cargo insurance for the whole period of storage

Custom clearance: our staff experience and competence enable our Customers to navigate successfully complicated customs regulations and avoid additional expenses and delays during customs clearance

 Parto Pardis javid owns all of its equipment and to support the smooth operations and to obtain the optimum result for maintaining the port norms and rates of loading/discharging for different cargos and in order to comply with the needs of the clients whether shipper or cargo receiver and in order to assist loading/discharging operation the companies owns forklift in various capacity ranging from 10 to 25 tons and 4 unit pay loader for docking and loading of bulk cargo

Without any doubt accuracy in delivery or reception of cargoes, play a very important role for all the concerned parties, this company has a group of most well-known tallying personnel under control, acting contractually under our direct supervision.

company offers a reliable, flexible service to ensure ships are turned around in the quickest possible time with the best in cargo care. and offer a full package of customs services which helps our Partners and our Clients to optimize expenses and reduce the time necessary for customs clearance 

company’s mission is to make a positive difference in the maritime world and to our customers, primarily through providing a professional, one on one relationship to assist our customers in achieving their highest potential as their businesses grow. Committed employees will provide a standard of excellence so that customers will have confidence in the company.

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